i’ve long had an affinity for analog design practices, so dabbling in the non-digital side of photography was only a matter of time. after a less-than-sober ebay purchase, i had a Minolta XG-7 on my hands.

after developing my first rolls, it was apparent that it’s seals were corroded, and there was considerable light leaking in (as you’ll see). a reasonable punishment for buying a camera drunk at 2am and not inspecting it before shooting. i’ve since fixed it, but i don’t think the accidental exposure ruins the photos effected. it just adds some character.

so far, my experience with film has been wonderful, and it’s seen my digital SLR gathering more & more dust these days.

001 Seattle, Washington

002 this is the last photo i developed of my grandmother before she passed away. it’s nice to have something tangible to hold on to.

003 an analog version of a photo taken somewhere between San Diego and San Francisco. see the digital version here.

004 self portrait in a San Francisco hostel mirror.

005 my lovely and sometimes horrible sister Sarah.

006 1949 Indian



009 Fletcher, the house dog at my former home. Hole in the Sky, Washington, DC.

010 Burnside skatepark, Portland, Oregon.



013 Chicago, Illinois.


015 from one of my final days in DC.