November 4, 2014

maybe someday i’ll finally build that fabled, elusive, long sought-after myth of the online portfolio you don’t want to tear down after six months. that folkloric trophy floating out there somewhere in the digital ether. maybe that day is today, maybe it isn’t.

at any rate, here’s the best hand i could cobble together with what i had at my disposal, that doesn’t immediately find me scrambling for excuses and uncomfortably grinning like a dipshit. check back in 6-8 weeks and we’ll see if the wind has shifted.

* * *

this month marks my eighth as a resident of Chicago. it still feels very new, but each day presents more evidence that i made the right choice in leaving my comfort zone and relocating. it’s such a vibrant, exciting place, that somehow still allows itself to be manageable. a New York City in midwest dress, without the overwhelming anxiety. and the people, man. they can keep that East Coast attitude as far as i’m concerned.

but with the bitter grip of a Chicago winter closing in, making plans for my time during the coming dark months seems an appropriate preparation.

for starters, here’s this old broken record: i’d like to take more time to ruminate on personal development, improve & grow myself more effecively, rather than sweep issues under the rug of constant distraction, or invite change inside only after it’s broken through your door because your goddamn music was too loud to hear the knock. stop and smell the proverbial roses, and take a good look at the gardener, too.

i’m afraid my constant itch to be making and taking on any project i can get my hands on is what’s led this past eight months to feel like a long weekend. cliche as it most definitely is, i can’t forget that i myself am a very important project as well.

and to think i used to roll my eyes at the passing of time.