central union mission

a hardworking sans-serif just trying to fight the good fight

Playing jazz vibe chords quickly excites my wife.

a brief disclaimer:

as with many designers, i've had an interest in type for a while, but all i've learned of the subject is from books, the internet, and my own curious tinkering. this is my first attempt at creating a font, so it's far from perfect. i'm releasing it open-source because it was - and is - an experiment. if you see an issue, let me know, or take a stab at fixing it yourself by forking the project on github. constructive criticism is always welcome.

otherwise, i hope you enjoy it. if you happen to use it in a project, drop me a line. i'd love to see it out in the wild.

feel like donating? instead of throwing a few bucks at my shitty font, why not help those who really need it at the Central Union Mission.