December 29, 2014

this year, i left a great many things.

i left the comfort & familiarity of the city where i grew up to try my luck, full-time, with the hammer & grind of a much larger city that i’ve been in love with since i first visited.

for a month, i left the routine of a 40-hour week to spend time in the deserts of Utah, learning, making, teaching, exploring (and i loved every minute of it).

i left town to work, i left town to relax and reunite with old friends, i left town to spend time with loved ones, and i left town simply to leave town.

perhaps most significant of all, i was forced to leave the physical incarnation of a person who nurtured & shaped my entire existence prior. there are photos in a box under my bed, letters in my desk, and a host of memories woven into every milestone of my chronology rattling around in my exhausted head that keep this person with me, that ensure i won’t ever have to truly leave them. but i’m sure many folks know how hard it is to measure memory with presence.

* * *

all of this to say, i’m ready to leave this goddamn year behind. highs, lows, in-betweens - i’m not one to place much gravity on New Year’s, but i’m always appreciative of a clean slate. some personal goals for next year, just so i have them penned somewhere public, to hold myself accountable:

anyway, so goes my last meandering, disjointed post of 2014. wishing everyone a safe & enjoyable holiday.